Is Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy) “Rhyt” For You?

Facelift surgery or Rhytidectomy, focuses primarily on addressing wrinkles caused by the softening tissues in the face and neck as naturally occurs during the aging process. Rhytidectomy is derived from the ancient Greek word rhytis, meaning “wrinkle” and ektome, meaning “excision”. Put together, Rhytidectomy is the excision, or removal of wrinkles in the skin; more commonly known as facelift surgery.

Extensive research has determined that our skin follows the aging process based on numerous environmental, habitual and hereditary traits. Weight, health, heredity, sun damage, diet, personal habits, and even gravity play a role in the speed and severity of the aging process. Crow’s feet, deepening grooves in forehead creases, neckline, jawline, double jawline, and vertical chin folds become more prominent as the skin ages.

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According to Miguel Delgado, facelift surgery is the third most desired facial plastic surgery procedure offered today. This is primarily due to the continuing increase in the median age of our population. As the median age of the population continues to increase, so too does the desire to undergo surgical procedures designed to counter the signs of aging. Additionally, current trends suggest that more people are choosing facelift surgery at an earlier age (mid 40’s and early 50’s) as the first signs of aging begin to appear.

In order to determine if Rhytidectomy is right for you, consider the following questions:

Q: What elements of the aging process does facelift surgery address?

A: This procedure minimizes and corrects

• “jowls” due to muscle loss in the lower face

• Creases or folds below the eyelids

• Midface sagging

• Displaced or fallen facial fat

• Double chin caused by excess fatty deposits.

Q: What does the procedure entail?

A: This procedure is an outpatient procedure that typically takes 2-4 hours, with patients experiencing little to no discomfort. This is due to the use of mild sedatives, local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia administered during the operation. In some instances certain doctors have preferred a more general anesthesia, however this is typically the exception.

The surgery itself consists of a small incision at the temple continuing below the earlobe, following the back of the ear. The skin is lifted and underlying tissues and muscles are tightened. Excess skin and fat are removed.

After the procedure is complete, the area is protected with dressing. Sutures and staples will be removed on a follow-up visit 10 days after the procedure.

Q: Is there pain involved?

A: The majority of patients experience little pain and mild discomfort, however your doctor will prescribe necessary medication. Some bruising and swelling is unavoidable and to be expected.

Q: Where can I get a facelift Surgery in San Francisco, California?

A: Dr. Miguel Delgado is an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Marin County, California, with offices in San Francisco.  He offers an array of cosmetic procedures including facelifts, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, gynecomastia surgery and breast revision surgery.  You can visit his website by clicking here.

Q: What are the risks associated with facelift surgery?

A: Thousands of procedures are performed every year with little-to-no complication. In some cases, a drainage tube is inserted during the procedure and will be removed during the follow on visit.

Q: How much does facelift surgery cost in San Francisco?

A: The cost of facial surgery varies greatly, as each patient has unique requirements and expectations. As such, the following range should only be used as a foundation for preparing financially for Rhytidectomy. With the aforementioned in mind, a review of facial surgery procedures over the last 24 months places facelift surgery between $7,800 and $22,000.

Facelift surgery, Rhytidectomy, is a safe, effective solution to address common aging problems and reduce the effects of the normal aging process.